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The student housing arm of our property development division creates high-quality, Purpose Built Student Accommodation.

The ongoing expansion of the PBSA sector has vastly transformed the state of student housing in recent years. Students can now choose from a range of high-quality accommodation that offers all the benefits of an institutionally managed product.

We have significant experience in building accommodation for students and seek to always be innovative in what we offer our student guests. We have the ability to move quickly in this dynamic market and have considerable experience of building high-quality student residences across the UK’s most attractive university towns.

With excellent living space and amenities that adapt to the changing needs of today’s students, we create safe, secure places that students from all over the world can enjoy as part of a vibrant and fun community.

Luxury student developments in Leeds and Sheffield

Seeing a gap at the top end of the market, we established our student housing division to build student accommodation offering excellent amenities with considerable personal space. Click on the image to read more.

Symons House, Leeds